Monday, March 15, 2010

What the Heck? At the YMCA??

I really do love our Gig Harbor YMCA. Our whole family of five members were able to join for around $100 a month, and they even have childcare (a must for us) for only around $2-3 an hour per child. Nice, new, clean facility. And, they have a cute "mini"  little deli/coffee shop area....Whoah...wait a minute. Back up. what was THAT I saw in the case for sale? And this is what they sell every single day?

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? This is not a mall food court bistro. This is not a ballgame food stand. This is a fitness club deli. Most of the people here, if not all of them, are here to lose weight and be fit. I have been just totally perplexed to see these items sold here every day!  A few of the items you see in the glass case, such as the cheese sticks and fruit salad and sandwiches, can somewhat be representive of a healthy food plan. But how about those doughy bagels on the right side that remind me of the belly fat I aim to keep off every day? And the pastries on the bottom shelf??

On top of that, they sell - get this - "Spimoni Frappuccinos."

With whipped cream.

Now, don't get me wrong; I love the YMCA. I just don't know who's handling decisions to allow vendors to serve things like that, and I think it should change.

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  1. Right on Cathy! Kids learn to love their veggies and fruits when they eat them at home regularly. Yeah!