Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids And.....Veggies? Part 2

One day recently, I was chopping up some raw veggies to go along with lunch. My youngest son Jazzton dragged up a chair to see what mom was doing, and just started grabbing and munching!  I just HAD to go find the camera and start taking pictures. It dawned on me again that young children really do seem to prefer raw veggies and dip over fancier versions of veggie dishes where the cook "sneaks in" the vegetables. Of course, the latter is good and useful too, but it's really amazing how many times young children really just appreciate the taste of raw vegetables when you let them, and more so than cooked veggies. While some nutrients are increased during cooking, others such as Vitamin C and folate are lost in the process, so this is a good thing!

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  1. Right on Cathy! Kids learn to love fruit & veggies more than anything else when you make the best available. Yeah!