Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Bodies Are Hundreds of Years Behind...

My thought for today on wellness is -- How has exercise and nutrition changed from 500 years ago? Didn't we have to wash our own clothes and dishes at least every few days? Saddle up the horse to go anywhere far or catch a train? Help out on the farm? How much processed food did we have access to? You mean, there were no Cheetos?? God forbid! No Krispy Kreme?? Eee gad!! You mean on a Friday night there was no Red Robin or Chili's to go to?

What time would people go to bed on an average night 500 years ago? How would they use a typical beautiful sunny day -- would they spend it all on the computer on Facebook, Google or Ebay?

Now, instead of 500 years ago, think 5,000. Then 50,000.

I will leave you with those thoughts and questions when you're wondering "what's wrong with my diet plan?"  Don't get me wrong: I love the amenities, comforts and conveniences of today. They are awesome and I appreciate them.  But how can we get our bodies to live like yesterday in a world full of excess today, in order to stay fit and eat healthfully?

Each person is different,  and that's just one of many areas Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness can help YOU personally.

So Much to Set Up Just to Be Able to Help People Out!

So what have I been up to lately? It takes a lot to run a business. I'm here to help people be as healthy as they can possibly be -- so that they can live their lives to the spiritual and physical best. But there's a lot I have to do just to let people realize I'm here -- Little things called marketing, cold-calling, advertising, buying office supplies (with money I don't have yet!), framing diplomas and articles written about me, making forms, preparing free library lectures, planning out programs that a couple of clients have asked for.  I can't wait to spend ALL, or at least most, of my business time just helping clients. But for now, I have to go to work to just let people know I'm here! 

I wish a Gateway newspaper ad only cost $10 and not $85 a week for a small ad. If it did, I'd put out a full-page ad every month to let people know that I'm here to help anyone in Gig Harbor to lose weight the right way and to be and feel their best! Until then, I will just keep peeping my head out in only ways I can afford to let people know -- Hey, I'm here, and hey! I can help YOU!

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