Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here! I hope everyone had a Great Holiday Season.

Where are you with your weight about now? How many goodies did you succumb to? It can be rough, I know.

Well, I hate to brag, but I actually lost weight this Christmas. Yep - I did enjoy many yummy holiday treats. You're probabaly thinking, "yeah right, like what?" Well, I enjoyed holiday spice cookies, shortbread cookies, chocolate cake, pudding, peppermint chocolate soymilk, pancakes, stuffing, mashed potatoes and much more. [Secret tip:  Many of these items were actually "pretty healthy" versions!] And of course, there were always plenty of veggies. So by applying my own weight loss principles (by which there are many, too many to list here) I managed to trim up over Winter Break.

I don't want to brag, but it's just to show you that The Holidays do not need to always be a time for weight gain. The two do not have to be synonymous.

Of course the thing on everyone's mind when it comes to both nutrition and a new year is the dreaded New Year's Resolution. While many will tell you that New Year's Dieting Resolutions are made to be broken, and are a tease and a waste of time, and it's also not healthy to yo-yo diet, I'll tell you that they can work for you - If you decide that this will be the last time you make weight loss be your resolution!

How can one do this? Here are a few important tips that you can begin with to make sure that that weight loss promise to yourself is the last one you ever need to make:
  •  Remember that weight loss should not be acquired at any cost, if it's at the expense of your long term health. Weight loss should be achieved in a healthy way through the right foods and in the right amounts. While this is all "easier said than done," registered dietitians have much knowledge to share that will help you accomplish this. 
  • Understand that physical activity and exercise is a way of life, all day everyday, not just an hour at the gym every other day. Remember being active all day long is part of the permanent prescription for permanent weight loss. But this does not have to be a drag! Get creative! Now, at the same time, diet is equally as important as exercise for all-around health and shouldn't be left behind at the track. So, if you're attending Boot Camp, that's great - but you still need to learn to eat the healthiest way for you.
  • If weight loss has been a serious challenge for you and/or your health is on the line, don't mess around looking up stuff on the internet or choosing some weird weight loss pill or product. Find a Registered Dietitian in your area that specializes in weight loss. You can find such an RD by going to . Your health can spiral downhill fast with a life-robbing stroke, diabetes, heart disease and more, with not many symptoms, if any, so the time to act is now.

(UPDATE as of 2017:   Angelina no longer works with me as she moved, so her pic was removed.)

I'm excited that this year I'll be working more in partnership with Angelina Jackson, a Certified Personal Trainer of Positive Results on Fox Island, who even goes to your home if needed to help find the best workouts for you. Set an appointment with Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness, for a health tune-up in 2011 - which, with the right commitment from you and the resources we have to offer, could be the healthiest year of your life! LNW - Guiding Your Way to Great Health!

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